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Reliable Airlines is a new cargo feeder operator, commencing operations for FedEx in June 2022 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our world-class leadership team holds extensive strategic and operational experience in the air cargo industry. We are building a high-performance team and hiring at all levels within the organization. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, stock options, Flight Safety International professional training and unique growth opportunities.

Safety is a team effort. Reliable Airlines is fully and unconditionally committed to operating at the highest level of safety. The team embraces a culture of safety that brings together our four key Safety Management System components: Safety Policy, Safety Assurance, Risk Management and Safety Promotion.

Tom Klassen

President and Director of Operations

Klassen began his diverse aviation career as a 19 year old helicopter pilot spotting tuna from a Mexican fishing boat in Central America. His experience spans several continents and includes Part 135, Part 121, and Part 91 operations in helicopters, turbo-prop and turbine aircraft, and he has flown Cessna 208 Caravans. Klassen’s management and regulatory background includes his most recent role as CEO and Director of Operations for 12 years for HALO-Flight, a helicopter air ambulance service. He has held Director of Operations and Chief Pilot roles, managing upwards of 50 pilots. Klassen has also been a national airshow pilot, flying a Sukhoi SU-26 aircraft and a supersonic MiG-17 fighter jet with sponsorship by Harley Davidson. In his effort to increase safety in aviation operations he has served on two Federal Aviation Administration rulemaking committees and believes that safety is not proprietary. As a leader, Klassen is focused on building a culture of safety and inclusivity.

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Jeff Drees

Director of Cargo Strategy and Recruiting

Drees spent 40 years in the aviation industry starting as a pilot and spanning all aspects of airline operations. Drees served as chief commercial officer for Ameriflight and oversaw more than 1,500 domestic and international departures per week while the company was flying over 75,000 hours per year. He managed customer relationships with FedEx, UPS and DHL, a large bank consortium and nuclear medicine organizations with time-sensitive deliveries. During his 35-year tenure, Drees became a co-owner of the company and also held the position of Executive VP of Operations.

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Michael Hill

Chief Pilot 

Hill has spent much of his career in aviation with over 20 years of professional piloting experience and has multiple FAA flight ratings including ATP, Commercial, and CFII. Hill was a representative for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Safety Team (FAAST) where he led training for local pilot groups. Prior to Reliable Airlines, Hill served as a Caravan Captain for West Air, Inc., a FedEx cargo feeder airline. He spent over 23 years with the California Highway Patrol, first as a highway patrol officer, then in helicopter traffic enforcement, search and rescue, and as an officer/pilot of fixed-wing aircraft, where he was responsible for law enforcement duties, pilot instruction, aircraft maintenance and safety before getting promoted to sergeant and supervisor. Hill served in the United States Air Force and transitioned into the Air Force Reserve as an aeromedical evacuation technician for U.S. military patients and their families.

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